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BIG Data Analytic

This is the era where businesses all around the world are increasingly aware that trusting the data can help them make more well-improved decisions for the future. As everyone is getting believe that data is the new oil, many companies start to rely on data-driven insights to help them drive operational efficiencies and manage risks.

On the current age of technological era with the presence of big data platforms to build databases and their analysis, big data management is possible to be faster, easier, and more accurate, making it easier to make decisions.

Use Case of Big Data :

Social media and News Analytics

There is a lot of information that we can get from news and social media. With Big Data, you can measure the right analysis regarding trends, brands, to social issues, easier and more effective.

Video Analytics

Given the vast amount of data that many have collected so far, surveillance can become more sophisticated, so does automatic incident recognition, notification, and even to prevention.

Virtual Reality (Smart Eye)

Bring an immersive experience to customers by creating a virtual tour platform and 360-live-streaming provider, so that users can feel as if they are in the same location.

IoT for Smart Energy

Internet of Things enables compelling new business models that support an increasingly complex energy infrastructure, which can be the answer for maintaining energy efficiency leading to cost reduction and sustainability.